"I may not be the smartest, but I am also fairly farsighted!"


  • Name: Ky’raan (Kai-ran)

  • Game Location: Crystal>Malboro

  • Player IRL Location: California, USA

  • Nicknames: Ky’(Kai), Water Puppy, Baby

  • Apparent Creature Type: Miqo'te

  • Actual Creature Type: ???

Age: ???
Height: 5’8
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Pan
Romantic Preference: Still figuring that out.
Status: Single
Likes: Water, animals, minions, pets, fae, nice people, dancing, snacks, pleasing his friends, going on jaunts with his pack of minions, and long hops with Papa Fatz, a very large and overprotective Paissa who may think Ky’ is one of his babies.Dislikes: Getting hit in the head as it happens all too often, anyone being cruel to his friends (animal and otherwise), being around too many people at once.Strengths: Loyal, kind, caring, simple. Will do pretty much whatever you ask.Weaknesses: Dim witted, amnesia, naive. Will do pretty much whatever you ask.Appearance: Large, luminescent eyes that always appear curious. Ky’ has a mop of unkempt lavender/blue hair with shocks of pink. He has oddly large ears and a fluffy tail for a Miqo'te which uses with great expressiveiness.Backstory (What he remembers):
Ky'rann woke up in the Dark Shroud outside of New Gridania not so long ago. He has no idea how he got there or what a "Miqo'te" is but it is what folks have been referring to him as and he doesn't wish to upset them.
While most would be terrified at having so little memory of what transpired in recent events, Ky' is fairly used to waking up in odd places with no recollection of how he got there."I is fairly farsighted making me good with a bow...but I get hit in the head a lot 'cause I am a bit wonky with me close-up peepers ."He is a simple and straightforward lad who likes good company, good drink, and meeting new animals and friends. What folks first notice about him is his odd manner of speech, somewhat of a modified West Country (UK) accent, and his lack of understand for basic pop culture and social cues. He is the first to admit that he has an easier time speaking with the animals, and other unusual creatures, than speaking with most people.Ky' is making his way through this foreign land by running odd jobs and exploring. So far, his future goals are to find a permanent residence and a good stable job so that he may pursue his latest dream."I wants to open a place where I can make lots of good friends, have a safe den for me an me companions, and breed beautiful, fat, fine-flying chickens!"...which is what he calls chocobos.